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Live an Interesting Life

Live an Interesting Life

Read John’s latest motivational book on how to live a life without boredom. In his book, he takes the same elements used in storytelling and incorporates them into real life.

Motivational Book
Learn More About John

Learn More About John

Find out who John Reynolds Gardiner, Children's Author, truly was in his author biography. His career in writing is described, starting from his initial childhood refusal to read books.

Author Biography


December 6, 1944 – March 4, 2006

Winner of the Southern California Children's Literature Award in 1980 for his book Stone Fox

Winner of the PEN Award for his book Top Secret

Learn about John Reynolds Gardiner, Children's Author

John Reynolds Gardiner, Children's Author, passed away in 2006, leaving behind a wife and children. They chose to commemorate his life as a fiction author by providing information about his life and children's books. The author from Huntington Beach, California, wrote primarily to students in fourth through sixth grades.

He received a lot of feedback from teachers who were so glad to know that, despite his low grades in English classes, he still loved to tell stories. When people asked him how he wrote his stories, he replied that he simply told them. His ability to relate to children was admired by teachers who encountered him and his books.

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