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Motivational Book

You are the main character in your life’s story, according to John Reynolds Gardiner, Children's Author. The author from Huntington Beach, California, wrote a motivational book that parallels writing and real life.

How to Live a Life That's Not Boring

How to Live a Life That's Not Boring

If you think you are living a boring life, this book is for you. Whether you believe having more money, success, or someone to love would make things different, the purpose of John’s book is to show you what to do now in order to begin to live a life that is not boring.

He addresses the questions of why some people are bored in libraries, and others at the beach, as well as why teenagers and those who have retired are bored. John’s book is based on the article he wrote for The Writer™ Magazine in January of 1990, called "How to Write a Story That’s Not Boring."

He makes a striking parallel between storytelling and real life. Readers have no control over the story, but you have the ability to make a difference in your life. Whether you are rich or poor, married or single, an extrovert or introvert, it takes no change in your present situation.

All you need to do is read John’s book and answer nine questions, derived from the truths of storytelling. These questions test if you are living a life that is not boring by relying upon the same things that make a story interesting. His book, released in June of 2004, is available as a paperback for just $10.